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New Business In Parkside

You’re a creative entrepreneur. Start-up incubator. Artist. They kicked you out of Wynwood as they demolished the neighborhood. Priced you out of Little Haiti and sent you packing. You know there has to be a place that is a little more chill, with less of the hype and hustle.

Welcome to Parkside. On the Western edge of our little neighborhood, find a quirky strip of storefronts facing South Dixie Highway, waiting to be claimed by you.

A little warning – you won’t be the first. Hollywood’s renowned Koffee Kult is headquartered here. So are several advertising and design offices and a dance academy. They are nestled among industrial businesses that fix air conditioners, offer general contractor services or sell restaurant equipment.

South Dixie Highway

The Assets of South Dixie Highway Are Undeniable.

You will be facing a lush tree canopy that lines the Dixie railroad tracks. There is ample free parking for you and your customers. You will be mere steps from Downtown Hollywood’s rich and varied food scene. Less than a mile from I-95. And when the anticipated Brightline commuter rail station opens, you will be able to walk from your office or gallery to the train.

For more information about office and retail opportunities along Parkside’s South Dixie Highway, contact the City of Hollywood’s Office of Economic Development: