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Parkside Civic Association Is
PASSIONATE About Parkside.

Parkside Civic Association, founded in 2006 by Ken Crawford, is committed to making Parkside THE premier neighborhood in Hollywood for urban living.

Since its inception, Parkside Civic Association has partnered with City Leaders, the CRA, the Hollywood Police Department and Code Enforcement to rid the neighborhood of criminal activity, enhance the many natural assets of Parkside, brand the neighborhood and attract high-quality new development with first-rate architectural design. Highlights include:

  • Participated in the creation of the City of Hollywood’s Master Plan.
  • Secured Acorn lighting for Parkside streets.
  • Installed branded banners on Federal Highway.
  • Participated in the Charrette for Hollywood’s anticipated Downtown Train Station.
  • Partnered with Hollywood Historical Society on Home Tour.

Parkside Civic Association is committed to preserving Parkside’s essential charm while helping chart a neighborhood that serves the needs of future generations and agile lifestyles. 

Parkside Civic Association Gets Involved.

A core mission of Parkside Civic Association is to promote civic, cultural and recreational interests in Parkside, Hollywood. We don’t just talk about these interests. Parkside Civic Association gets actively involved.

Parkside Civic Association has supported Hollywood Kite Day, Trash for Cash drives, Christmas for the Animals, Tree Plantings on Wiley and Plunkett streets, the Beautification of South Dixie Highway – and it has hosted a Social or two along the way.

You are invited to join this positive group of individuals who are looking to not only preserve Parkside but champion its proper growth.


Ken Crawford

Ken Crawford


Luxury Interior Designer, Member of City of Hollywood Planning and Development Board, Parkside Resident and Homeowner since 1998.

Christine Corbo

Christine Corbo

Vice President

Former Downtown Restaurateur, Foodie, Champion for Downtown Hollywood, Parkside Resident and Homeowner since 1998.

Kim Schmitt

Kim Schmitt


Retired Miami-Dade Public School Teacher, Parkside Resident and Homeowner since 1984.

Alan Vaisberg

Alan Vaisberg

Sergeant of Arms

Entrepreneur, Developer, Investor, Parkside Property Owner since 2019.


Julia Grudsky

Julia Grudsky

Parkside Business Owner and Resident since 2009. 

David Joseph

David Joseph

Parkside Resident since 2008.

Mary Tabela

Mary Tabela

Parkside Homeowner and Resident since 2002.

Xavier Lesmarie

Xavier Lesmarie

Entrepreneur, Developer, Parkside Property Owner since 2012.

Parkside Civic Association is made up of passionate, committed and well-informed advocates for both their beautiful neighborhood and the greater good of the City of Hollywood.

Linda Hill Anderson, City of Hollywood Commissioner, District 2

Parkside Civic Association Meets Once a Month. Virtually.

Meetings include updates from City Commissioner Linda Hill Anderson, the Hollywood Police, Code Enforcement and guests such as the Mayor, City officials as well as notable architects and CRA staff.

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Parkside Civic Association joins
Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Parkside Civic Association joined the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in August 2021.

We are excited to participate in the business renaissance of Downtown Hollywood and its surrounding areas.

Evan Snow and Ken Crawford
Discuss Parkside, Downtown Hollywood and The Arts

Evan Snow, Arts Organizer, Community Activist and Co-Founder of Choose954 discusses the perks of living in Parkside and Downtown Hollywood with our Parkside Civic Association President on Episode 68 of the Choose954 Podcast.

Parkside Improvements We’re Excited About

Poinciana Park 2.0

Thanks to Go Bond funding, Poinciana Park, the City of Hollywood’s original designated dog park, is about to receive a $250,000 face lift. Upgrades include new restroom facilities, an expanded neighborhood playground, several pavilions, as well as a community garden.

Poinciana Park is located at the corner of South Dixie Highway and Plunkett Street, in South Parkside.

Shuttle Your Way to The Beach

The Sun Shuttle, operated by Circuit, is a new environmentally-friendly, electric public transportation service that transports riders from Downtown Hollywood, Parkside and Federal Highway to Hollywood Beach. Leave your parking worries at home. Don’t spend a penny on beach parking.

Request a ride via the Circuit App, and you pay $1.00 per fare. The shuttle picks you up right at your home. 

A flag-down ride is free. Flag-down riders can hop on and off along the route the driver is already going for the paid App requested ride. Due to COVID-19, each individual Sun Shuttle can accommodate up to 4 passengers. This is concierge-style urban mobility at its finest.

Water Main Replacement

The City of Hollywood’s $10 Million Water Main Replacement Initiative was completed in Parkside during Spring of 2022, a year ahead of schedule. This substantial investment ensures that existing homes and future developments are supported by a fully upgraded infrastructure.